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Trade waste / Commercial Waste

We offer a comprehensive trade waste service for all types of businesses. Whether it’s a small business, shops, offices, pubs or restaurants, our guaranteed collection service ensures that customers’ premises are always tidy. As leaders in commercial waste management systems, we offer an unsurpassed economic and efficient service.

These particular waste management systems are very useful and efficient for the modern business and are based on long term plans for your peace of mind. They can be used close to office and retail sites and are both easy and cost-effective to unload.

There are two ways of defining waste, the first is the view of the individual or organisation involved in any activity from life itself to sophisticated technical manufacturing producing a product and an unwanted by-product, thereby defined as waste, it may be however, that this by-product is useful in another process. This complication over individual or corporate interpretation of what is waste has led to strict legal definition to ensure that all waste produced is handled according to the laws and regulations.

Controlled waste

Some controlled wastes are further categorised and subject to more regulation because of the nature of the waste and the need to handle them differently. Clinical waste comes from hospitals, nursing homes, dentists, surgeries etc. and can include wastes from the household. Similarly, hazardous wastes are hazardous for a variety of reasons including toxicity, explosiveness etc. They also must be managed and dealt with in a different manner to other wastes.

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Waste services - Wimbledon merton wastecollection sw19

Wimbledon merton wastecollection sw19

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